8 Great Books for Adventurous Kids

These books are sure to spark a sense of adventure in any young reader. From tales by Survivor host Jeff Probst to well-loved classics by Roald Dahl, adventure stories are great reads for anyone’s taste.

Stranded: This is the first book in an exciting series by Jeff Probst, the host of the Survivor TV show. Four kids are boating on a family vacation when they're caught in a huge storm. After being shipwrecked on a jungle island in the South Pacific, they must figure out how to survive. There's lots of action and your kids will love to think about what they would do in this situation. The book ends with a disaster, so be prepared to buy books 2 and 3 to get the rest of the story!

The League and the Lantern: Jake Herndon is an adventurous kid who has had some trouble fitting in and making friends. He's trying to get a fresh start at a new school and meets a couple of classmates who are smart and funny. Suddenly the 3 kids find themselves in the midst of a dangerous mystery that dates back to the Civil War. It's like a kids version of the movie National Treasure. Plenty of action, humor, and suspense with some American history thrown in.

Holes: This winner of the Newbery Medal is never boring. The story is about Stanley Yelnats, who has been sent to a boys' detention center where the boys are required to spend every day digging huge holes in a dried-up lake. The work is supposedly about building character in the kids, but Stanley soon realizes that the warden has another motive, and the mystery begins. It's a quirky book with great characters, funny scenes, and surprising plot twists.

The Hunt for the Well Hidden Treasure: Four seventh graders are thrilled when evidence of a legendary treasure is discovered. Their town is overrun with eager treasure hunters including some ruthless professional organizations. Facing long odds, the four kids decide to join the hunt. The mystery deepens as they hunt for clues, decipher historical landmarks, and match wits with their competitors. The ending is suspenseful and thrilling!

Danny the Champion of the World cover

Danny the Champion of the World: While definitely not the most famous book by Roald Dahl, this book is a fantastic story of suspense, adventure, and excitement. It begins begins as a simple story about Danny who lives in a gypsy wagon with his eccentric and loving father who seems to be perfect in every way. The real the fun begins when Danny learns about his father's secret hobby — the illegal poaching of pheasants from the land of a rich obnoxious neighbor.

Treasure Hunters: The Kidd Siblings have spent their whole lives hunting for treasure and traveling the world. When their parents mysteriously vanish they suddenly find themselves in the middle of a dangerous mystery. The characters are unique and silly, and the book includes a lot of funny illustrations which really help to keep younger readers engaged. A fun adventure story told in a humorous style!

My Side of the Mountain: This is the amazing story of a boy who runs away from his parent’s apartment in New York and hikes into the Catskill Mountains. He crafts an amazing home from a hollowed-out tree and hunts for his food while battling hunger, loneliness, and fierce winter storms. A classic story of adventure, survival, and incredible determination. A great choice for kids who love to explore the outdoors.

The Great Brain: A quick-paced, funny, and sentimental read, “The Great Brain” is about Tom, a clever boy growing up in the early 1900’s. He is idolized by the narrator, his younger brother, J.D. The scrapes the boys get themselves into are laugh-out-loud funny, and the historical setting teaches kids about the past in a fun, smart way. Action-packed, Tom’s intelligence and quick-thinking keep the plot moving and make for an enjoyable read. The relationship between the brothers is sweet and well-portrayed, and the shenanigans they get themselves into are reminiscent of the adventures of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. A great book for anyone who loves stories about brothers, fun historical time periods, and mischievous misadventures!