The Best Fantasy Books for Imaginative Readers

Fantasy is one of the broadest, most exciting genres in middle grade fiction. Here are just a few of the best stories to enthrall any young reader in an out-of-this-world tale that still hits home with powerful emotions.

The Girl Who Could Fly cover

The Girl Who Could Fly: This is an astounding New York Times bestseller and multi-award winner. Piper is not your average farm girl. In fact, despite the warnings of her parents and the fear of those in the neighborhood, Piper McCloud flies. Speculations arise of what is wrong with this strange girl, and soon enough, she is taken to a government facility filled with spectacular people just like her. She must navigate her own abilities, as well as make friends with others who have peculiarities all their own. But this place isn’t all that it seems, and Piper and her friends soon develop a plan to escape.

Savvy book cover

Savvy: This incredible fantasy keeps kids turning pages. Mibs is in a special family; they all have their own magic power, their “savvy”. It doesn’t come until their 13th birthday, which is coming up for Mibs real soon. She sees the incredible things her siblings, parents and family can do, and she just can’t wait until she knows what her savvy is, too. As grave circumstances arise and Mibs’ life catapults into one she didn’t expect, now more than ever, she needs her power.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon cover

The Girl Who Drank the Moon: Each year, one baby is offered to the witch in the woods to keep her away from the town. Unbeknownst to them, this witch, Xan, is a kind soul. She rescues the infants and finds them loving families to go to, feeding them starlight before she does. In a simple accident, she feeds one moonlight, giving her unexpected, magical powers. People of all ages enjoy this novel’s creativity, imagination, and heart.

Karina cover

Karina: This enchanting book weaves together relatable emotions and situations with elements of fantasy and mystery. Karina Morgan was left scarred from an accident when she was a baby, and the girls at school bully her relentlessly for it. Life seems bleak until she comes across a mysterious cave near her home, and its inhabitants change her life forever.

the book's cover

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making: September is a 12-year-old girl from Omaha, Nebraska, who is whisked away to Fairyland one night by a gentlemanly Green Wind. She meets all sorts of fantastical beings, such as gnomes, witches, and wyverns who all need her help to appease the capricious Marquess of Fairyland. It’s a magically descriptive book with beautiful illustrations that is reminiscent of such classics as Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Readers can return to Fairyland with the series’ other four books.

The Wishing Spell cover

The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell: For their twelfth birthday, Alex and Conner Bailey’s grandmother gives them a collection of fairy tales. The book turns out to be a portal to another world, however, where the twins encounter many beloved fairy tale characters. They soon realize, however, that they must find their way out of the Land of Stories before they get caught up in a war between villains and heroes. This story mixes classic tales with modern day kids in a six-book series that is like Once Upon a Timefor middle grade.

The Borrowers: “The Borrowers” is a charming classic story about the Clock family, who are completely normal except for one thing – they are miniature! Living inside the walls of an old English manor house, Arrietty Clock has a fairly boring existence with her family, “borrowing” items from the normal-sized humans who live in the house, until one day the unthinkable happens – she is seen by the boy upstairs! The wonderful strangeness of the Borrowers’ existence evokes the style of Roald Dahl. Kids will love to explore the lives of these mini-humans, and the determination and forthright Arrietty is a great female heroine for young girls!