The best Sci-Fi books of middle grade fiction

The sci-fi genre is perfect to get any kid’s imagination going—especially those that are reluctant to read! Check out these 7 new and well-loved stories that are gateways to new worlds for your kids to explore.

Eager: Eager takes place in a Jetsons-esque future, where intelligent robots serve society's elite class. Gavin Bell comes from a middle class family that decides to replace their old robot, Grumps, with a new, experimental robot named Eager. Eager turns out to be much more than they anticipated - he's able to learn, lie, and laugh! When other robots kidnap high-up officials, it's up to Gavin and Eager to save the day. This book delivers charm and chuckles, and, at times, makes us question what makes someone human.

The Giver: This sci-fi novel is an oldie but a goodie. Jonas lives in a utopian society that has eradicated all things that cause difference between people, in hopes of eliminating all conflict and pain. Jonas, however, is different from the rest. He is chosen to receive all knowledge of the world before everything was the same; a world with color, with love, but also with pain. As he realizes how much everyone in his world doesn’t know, he must decide what to do with his incredible knowledge and the restricted world he lives in.

When You Reach Me: Much deserving of its Newberry medal, When You Reach Me follows sixth grader Miranda Sinclair around 1970’s New York after she receives unusual notes requesting things of her. The story weaves in her personal life and struggles with this mystery, and even elements of science fiction and time travel. Kids love the suspense and relating to the common thoughts and feelings Miranda sees herself facing.

The Missing Series: There is a group of children far different than any others in the world. Some knew they were adopted; some didn’t. But none of them belonged in this time period. They were all stolen out of history by time travelers attempting to save them from an ill fate. Now, the kids must find where and when they were from and resume their true selves before all of time is destroyed. Historical, Adventurous and imaginative, these eight books are sure to keep you interested.

House of Robots: Sammy’s house really is full of robots. Unfortunately for him, his mother insists that he bring her most recent robot, E, to school with him. Sammy worries that E could be the death of his social life, but he never expected the incredibly secret the robot has that could change everything. The House of Robots series holds up James Patterson’s reputation as a creative, master storyteller.

A Wrinkle in Time: This Newberry medalist is sure to twist your mind. Meg is the child of two scientists, one of which has disappeared. Her father was working on fifth dimension time travel before he was gone without a trace; and now, it seems, the time has come for her and her friends to get the bottom of it all and rescue her father somewhere in the mysterious reaches of time and space.

The Keepers series: This is a sci-fi series full of mystery and excitement. Horace is a young boy who discovers a secret underground place called the House of Answers, which is filled with strange objects and stranger people. When he discovers he has his own astonishing talent and works to figure out his place in this new, upside-down world, things get very dangerous very fast. Will Horace use his mysterious abilities and objects of the House of Answers to save himself and his future?